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Who We Are

About Aquatron

Since 2000, AQUATRON has become the leader of its sector in short time with its team of specialists experienced on water treatment technologies.

Intending to be a good corporate company that is loyal to universal values, environmentally conscious, AQUATRON has always put engineering service and quality in the first place and has become a company that exports to the countries which it used to import from thanks to its background knowledge and experience, dating back to many years.

Offering customers the know-how developed in Turkey and in the world through its powerful staff and service network, Aquatron will serve you as a company which adopts protection of human health, offering its Customers satisfactory solutions by producing solutions for every need as its mission.

We wish to serve you for long years...

Mission and Vision

We are continuing to be your indispensable supplier by improving our style and understanding of quality in water treatment.

Our objective is to offer you the most economical and the most functional systems without compromising quality. Our customers have always been our fellows and will continue to be so.

We were never contented with the information and technology it has and always improved its knowledge and technology. It has always preserved its reputable style by taking under successful and satisfactory works in engineering and design.

Besides being one of the leading companies in the field of water treatment systems Ozone based systems (chemical free drinking water), Aquacast System( Waste water treatment system), power plant water systems(demineralize) , reverse osmosis systems, sea water reverse osmosis systems and ultrafiltration systems we produce became widely appreciated in North America, Middle East and Asia.

As an indicator showing that we always adopt an extensive vision, we opened our Jakarta Branch in 2013 to offer the best and the fastest service to our customers in ASIA.

Wishing to be helpful and carry out successful projects for extended years with you...

What we do

Water Supply projects
  • Turn-key water supply projects
  • Water treatment plants
  • Waste water management
  • Renewable Energy
  • Drinking-water quality management
  • Water supply
  • Water resources management
  • Other activities including economic aspects,
    climate change, and the
  • Millennium Development Goals
Survey Capabilities
  • Boundary Surveys
  • Topographic Surveys
  • As-Built" Surveys
  • GPS Mapping and Surveying Capabilities
  • Site Planning:
  • Conceptual site layout
  • Water System Design
  • Storm Water Plan
  • Site Engineering:
  • Storm Water/Drainage System Design
  • Water Distribution System Design
Construction Services / Project management:
  • Bid specifications
  • Contract administration
  • Experienced Engineers and inspectors on
    hand to oversee your project
  • As-built record drawings
  • Concrete Testing
  • Nuclear Density
Other Services:
  • Flood plain hydraulic modelling
  • Hydraulic modelling of water systems
  • Contracted Services:
  • H&ST has ongoing relationships with various
    other professional services companies and
    can provide a full turn key approach to your project.